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Custom galvanized steel frame garages and commercial buildings
High Quality, Reasonable Price, Storage Solutions. We can handle all of your enclosed building needs!
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Superior Outdoor Structure offers affordable, durable steel buildings, garages, or metal buildings for industrial, residential or agricultural building applications. Sturdy all-steel garages are available in 12 or 14 gauge galvanized steel framing. Wall heights are available up to 14′ high using one of our three basic designs and for wall heights taller we have the commercial grade buildings and Deluxe RV Cover designs to accommodate taller buildings when needed.

With our three basic designs Standard Style, Box Eve Style, and Vertical Roof Style we can accommodate widths up to 30′ wide. When needing something a bit wider we can construct a building from 32′ wide up to 60′ when using our Commercial Grade Units. All buildings are clear span floor and ceiling, no bottom truss cord or posts to get in the way.

We offer building wall heights up to 14′ when using our three basic designs and can go as tall as 16′ when building with our Commercial Grade Steel Building designs.

There is no limit in the length of your building so just tell us what you need and we can get you a quote.

We also offer regular garage doors both commercial and residential styles in addition to the roll up a.k.a. barrel doors, concrete in most areas of Oklahoma, spray foam and insulation packages when you need a man cave that you’re going to heat and cool possibly.

These are quality metal buildings designed for a lifetime of maintenance free use. Customized to your specifications.

29 gauge Steel panels, or sheets, are placed on the roof and sides for a very durable building which withstands the harshest of environments. All steel garage buildings or top quality metal garages and workshops come in a wide variety of sizes. Whether you need a large complex steel building for commercial use or a simple backyard workshop, Superior Outdoor Structures can build it.

Thank you for looking at our selection of Garages, Commercial Steel Buildings, and Raised Center Isle Buildings. All transactions can take place over the phone, in person, internet, fax, or good old-fashioned snail mail. They come in many different configurations and an almost endless possibility of sizes. Use our Estimator to configure your garage or steel building. Sometimes the size or style may not be on the estimator, please do your “HOMEWORK” below and give us a call at 918-224-4334 we will be happy to help you.

Financing is available for all our garages and steel frame buildings with approved credit.


The Classic Barn is a spinoff of the RCA Building but more economical in price, they are fully customizable as well with certain limitations. They create the perfect and safe environment to protect your critters from the cold winter months or exposure to the elements when you’re on a tight budget or just want safe dependable inexpensive housing for your livestock, including cows, horses, sheep, goats and pigs that will not break the bank.

Benefits of Working with Superior Outdoor Structures
1. Over 10 Years plus experience in the steel frame garage and building business and over 750 buildings constructed and built each year. We have seen and done it all.
2. Professional Installation in 15 States and many more just ask!
3. Certified Engineered Buildings Standard Right Out of the box!
4. Lease to Own and Financing W.A.C.
5. Customize your color selection
6. Wide range of widths, lengths and heights.
7. Use our Estimator to custom build yours today
8. We offer other services such as Concrete and Garage Doors.




  1. Get a tablet and a pencil you’re going to need them to take notes, and sketch or draw a layout or floor plan. It will also help to get a measuring tape of 30′ and sometimes a 100′ tape would be better.
    Measure the area you are going to cover width, length, and height for obstructions. Make a note of these numbers to give to us when you call. Knowing your size is the starting point and most important information to know. We can help advise you once you give us these dimensions. This will be the first thing we ask you when you call.
  2. Measure the width, length, and height of the items that will be going in your garage or steel building. Make sure to allow enough space between two vehicles if you’re parking two or more items side by side to open doors and to walk among them comfortably. Do not forget to leave room for your Snap on tool boxes and Miller welding equipment when measuring. Allow enough room also to place that Harbor Freight Air Compressor in the corner out of the way of doors and such.
  3. Now determine the number and size of your large door openings. Determine their location. And decide if you wish to have installed our less expensive roll up doors, or would like a conventional garage door. Keep in mind if you’re going to want to install a door opener a conventional garage door will be your only choice. Also not when putting doors on the eve sides of the buildings you will need 1′ taller than the door and we are limited to 14′ wide opening. We can install up to a 16′ wide door in the gable ends and sometimes not need to go that extra foot in height depends on the width of the building and inside clearance for doors to operate correctly.
  4. Next step is walk through doors and windows. Number of doors and windows and location. Pencil them in on your drawing.
  5. Now if you have the ability, get some stakes and string and will stake it off in the location you’re going to build it in, then drive the items inside the staked off area to verify you are going to be able to accommodate them all the items you are going to store and walk about comfortably is one of the best ideas to confirm your needs.
  6. Determine if you’re going to construct your building on the ground or concrete. For ground installation consider not only the standard rebar anchors but also using mobile home anchors as well. For concrete we will use concrete expansion anchors no extra charge and we are able usually to take care of your concrete slab needs. If you are attaching to any other substrates like railroad ties, wood deck etc. you will need to supply the attachment hardware when we show up for your application. We can help advise you in the event you’re anchoring to other substrate when you call.
  7. Make sure there are no utilities that will be harmed or in the way when building the structure or driving the anchors. In Oklahoma call Okie “811” if you are in doubt. Other states just contact your local utility company they will advise you from there.
  8. Check grade and verify how far off level the area is 1″ to 2″ will be fine on ground installations the legs are adjustable, see F.A.Q. for more information about severe grade drops. Determine how you want to level the area beforehand. We have contractors that we can recommend in most cases to help you. All bids are made considering you have a flat and level pad, we never include dirt and site prep in our bids.
  9. Determine the roof style you like. Regular Style for economy, Box Eve for a stylish upgrade, or a Vertical Roof for a weather proof building.
  10. Now put it all on paper and decide if you need more room to grow. In all the years of advising customers and selling buildings I have never heard anyone say they wish they had built a smaller building. But its very seldom a day goes by without these words spoken to me. ” I wish I would have built a bigger building last time”. So you might determine if your area and budget will allow for a bit larger building say 20% for growing room. It’s always easier in the beginning and cheaper to do it the first time.
  11. Next determine your colors if possible at this point. Roof , trim, walls and if you’re going to “color match” as we call it or wainscot the sides. Wainscot is when you see a building that has the first 3′ or so a different color than the rest of the wall and usually matches the trim and or roof.
  12. If you are financing determine the method you wish to use; conventional financing with approved credit or rent to own. Let us know which finance option you are looking at and we will advise you from there. See “Financing” or “Lease to Own Options” for more detailed information.
  13. Now it is time to call us and you should have the information we need to help you get that A+ grade. 918-224-4334. Prices are subject to change at any time without notice.

Garage Pricing

Our Garage Price Lists
(for concrete and optional garage doors please call for an accurate bid)
Call for a free quote over the phone for the most accurate and up to date pricing information 918-224-4334.
Prices are subject to change at anytime.

Garage Sizing

Standard Garages

Most Economical (Basic)
Cash and Lease to Own or “Rent to Own” Available
Ask about our Discount, depends on size!
Call 918-224-4334 ext.1 or 2 for more details.

Standard or Regular Style Garages and steel buildings have rounded corners and are considered the basic most economical garage packages. These buildings are all about function!

Roof panels and side walls run horizontally on the regular style garages and steel buildings and there is no option for vertical sides, rain and snow melt will run off the ends both front and back typically.

If your looking for a cheap garage or storage building with high quality construction, this is the budget friendly way to go!

Financing available with approved credit as well on qualifying units.


Boxed Eave Garages

Stylish and Affordable Building Design
Cash and Lease to Own or “Rent to Own” Available
Ask about our Discount, depends on size!
Call 918-224-4334 ext.1 or 2 for more details.

Boxed Eave Style garages are designed with an “A” frame roof truss and horizontal roof panels. This modern design breaks away from the “basic” garage building design, and has made this style unit one of the most popular available. An upgrade to Boxed Eave style is both stylish and affordable.

Roof and wall panels run horizontally, these units still keep function in mind but add a bit of style to match most residential area designs while keep the overall costs down when your on a budget.

Financing available with approved credit as well on qualifying units.

Vertical Roof Garages

Premier Style “These are the Best”
Cash and Lease to Own or “Rent to Own” Available

Ask about our Discount, depends on size!
Call 918-224-4334 ext.1 or 2 for more details.

Vertical roof  garage and steel frame building packages are designed with an “A” frame roof truss and vertical roof panels. Hat channel runs the length of the unit to cross brace the roof and provide a mounting point for the roof panels. This design helps to prevent rain and snow from “standing” on your building also helps with tree and leaf litter. Vertical Roof units come standard with ridge cap and specially designed wider trim that give the product a modern, finished appearance.

These buildings come with horizontal wall panels but for a additional charge we can go all vertical sides and roof. Add to that a color match or wainscot and you have a top quality building that looks great in all settings. Something to be proud of and brag to the neighbors about.

Financing available with approved credit as well on qualifying units.


Commercial Buildings

Superior Strength, Economical Price
When Compared to Traditional Red Iron
Ask about our Discount, depends on size!
Call 918-224-4334 ext.1 or 2 for more details.

Commercial Grade Buildings are built with two things in mind, durability and strength. We built these to exceed your expectations. With our patented engineered truss system we can reach widths of up to 60′ wide and 16′ tall. Fully customizable within reason, these buildings are the perfect thing for protecting large farm equipment, semis, building materials, hay, and construction type of equipment such as bull dozer, backhoes, and large excavation equipment.

Our economical pricing for steel frame buildings such as this and our quick lead time of approx. 4-8 weeks are driving more of our customers to purchase one of these rather than a conventional I-beam building that takes much longer to construct.

When purchasing one of these buildings due to there size and weight you would need to provide us with a lift at the time of construction for our installation crews in some instances, we can also price this in if you would rather go true turn key. Plus all commercial grade buildings would need to be place on either a cement pad with footers or piers. Buildings longer than 41′ would incur a small freight charge added.

Commercial Building Pricing

Our Steel Frame Commercial Building Price Lists
(for concrete and optional garage doors please call for an accurate bid)
Call for a free quote over the phone for the most accurate and up to date pricing information 918-224-4334.
Prices are subject to change at anytime.

Combo Units

” Something Different”part garage, part carport!
Cash and Lease to Own or “Rent to Own” Available
Ask about our Discount, depends on size!
Call 918-224-4334 ext.1 for more details.

This is what happens when you put imagination to work, to create a multi functional building. The Combo Units really are quite unique but simple in design. They can be created from any of the 3 basic roof designs be it standard style, box eve style or vertical roof style. You can section these off in multiple combinations and create a ideal building for all your storage needs all in one building.

These units make excellent chicken coops and dog kennels, just add wire and gates and presto you have a place that is safe dry and will last forever.

Just bought a few acres and have a horse or a few small goats, need a place to keep your tack and feed, maybe drive that new Kubota tractor under the end and keep it frame weathering and deteriorating in the sun. This is the perfect unit use one end for a stall, place in the middle a tack room and leave the other end open for your equipment storage. A all in one loafing shed with a kicker.


Financing available with approve credit as well on qualifying units.

These are just a few examples of what we can do with the combo units. Come in to our ofice and we can help you design the perfect building for your needs!

Combo Building Pricing

Our Steel Frame Combination a.k.a. Combo Building Price Lists
(for concrete and optional garage doors please call for an accurate bid)
Call for a free quote over the phone for the most accurate and up to date pricing information 918-224-4334.
Prices are subject to change at anytime.

Raised Center Aisle Barns

Quality, Value, Versatility and Appearance
This is the barn or shop you have been looking for.
Ask about our Discount, depends on size!
Call 918-224-4334 ext.1 for more details.

Raised Center Aisle Barns or Horse Barns as we call them are another line of product we offer in the steel frame building line. It has a center height of usually 12′ to 16′ and lean-to heights of 8′ on the outer eves. These buildings are fully customizable as long as we stay in certain guidelines such as the leans are limited to 16′ wide. The center section can be as big as 30′ wide and we can accommodate heights up to 16′ tall when raising the lean-to heights to match.

These buildings have legs in the center section where the leans attach. Browse through our pictures and get an idea of what you’re looking for, or better yet sketch it out on a piece of paper and come by our office.

901 N. Mission, Sapulpa Oklahoma.

Raised Center Aisle / Horse Barn Pricing

Our Steel Frame Raised Center Aisle / Horse Barn Price Lists
(for concrete and optional garage doors please call for an accurate bid)
Call for a free quote over the phone for the most accurate and up to date pricing information 918-224-4334.
Prices are subject to change at anytime.

Quality, Value, Versatility and Appearance
This is the barn or shop you have been looking for.
Ask about our Discount, depends on size!
Call 918-224-4334 ext.1 for more details.

The Eagle Barn can be fully enclosed or just a cover for your cattle and horses, extra storage for hay, livestock trailers. Worried about that John Deere tractor you just bought that sits out in the elements well purchase one of these, and it can be safely tucked under this unit to keep its nice green finish. Add doors and such and you have a multi-functional building that protects your equipment not only from the elements but from bandits and thieves as well.

Eagle Barn Pricing

Our Steel Frame Eagle Barn Price Lists
(for concrete and optional garage doors please call for an accurate bid)
Call for a free quote over the phone for the most accurate and up to date pricing information 918-224-4334.
Prices are subject to change at anytime.

"Does the price for the Garage on the following pages include shipping, anchoring and installation within the normal service area?"

Yes, Yes and Yes Again! The specific prices for garages include anchoring, shipping and installation on your level site within our normal service area. Keep in mind we do our absolute best to keep the prices that are contained in the pages of our website current and the best in your area. In some instances you may find a company who is quoting a cheaper price, please get a detailed description of the building they are quoting you in writing and we can usually meet or beat the price. Usually in these cases, the structure was quoted without features that are recommended to design a building that is going to last. This is why we require a written quote to be able to compare prices and design to make sure we are comparing apples to apples.

The second most frequently asked question about the installation of your Structure, "How long before my Metal Building is installed?"

Usually installed in 2-4 weeks, but can be as quick as 1 week or in remote areas up to 8 weeks. What makes us different from the competition is our years of experience. We know who will best service your area for delivery, price, and warranty.

Can I have my Garage built to a custom size in width and length, I don’t see the size I need!

Yes. For example, you may need a building that is 10′ wide x 23′ long. We will make it that size. To determine the cost it would be the exact same cost as the next larger standard size unit. So, for this example a 10’ wide x 23’ long would be the same cost as a 12′ wide x 26′ long structure. This example would apply in every circumstance.

Does a color choice add to the cost of my Garage and what do you have to choose from?

No, you may choose any of our 12 different colors.You may choose one color for the roof, a different color for the trim, a different color for the sides and if a gable end is desired in a different color for it at no additional charge. You may also choose to make all of the colors the same on your structure; it’s your choice.

Can I buy the materials or kit and assemble it myself?

Yes, in some cases. Just deduct 5% from the prices. All materials will be delivered to your home. You cannot pick up materials under any circumstances. No assembly instructions are provided. There is no warranty on Do it yourself kits and 5% is not that signification of a savings when you consider your time and effort, we do not recommend this option.

Do I have to pay sales tax for my Garage / Workshop?

Yes, Tax is determined by your local area City and/or County and State. Keep in mind we only collect tax we do not charge it. If you are purchasing for the federal government, state government, have a farm or agricultural exemption or have a sales tax exemption number and are willing to sign a sales tax exemption form you can eliminate the tax on your purchase. You will need to provide proper documentation when purchasing.

What factors may add to the cost of the Garage / Barn?

These are some of the unusual factors that may add to the cost of your building:
a. If the building/structure is to be installed over an existing structure ,there is an additional charge of $100-$200.00 Dollars
b. Trip charges will apply outside of normal service area and may apply toward outer edges of service area.Ask your dealer about details if you have any questions.
c. Installation on an un-level area from 4″-9″, additional labor charge of $150.
d. Installation on a boat dock, additional labor charge of $200 and the dock must be dry-docked there will be no installation over water.
e. Installation on an elevated retaining wall – fees assessed on a case-by-case basis (photos required)
f. If materials have to be carried over 50 feet to the installation site additional fees will apply, typically $50
Keep in mind that the aforementioned additional fees are unusual and very likely will be unnecessary in your normal circumstances.

Is there a discount if I purchase more than one Garge or Steel Frame Building?

Yes, in most cases we will give you a “Dealer Discount”. This discount is not provided by the companies we represent, but by us the dealer.

What is the warranty for our all Steel Buildings?

14-gauge carports come with a 30-day workmanship warranty, and in some states, a 20 yr rust through warranty on the frame and sheet metal assuming normal care and maintenance.
12-gauge carports come with a 30-day workmanship warranty and 20-year warranty against rust through on the frame and sheet metal, assuming normal care and maintenance.
Assuming normal care and maintenance and the 30-day workmanship warranty. Keep in mind these are the exact same warranties that all the manufactures provide with just a few differences ask us for details.

What is the gauge and size of the metal frame and sheet metal?

14 gauge galvanized steel square tube frame; square measures 2 1/2″x 2 1/2″
12 gauge galvanized steel square tube frame; square measures 2 1/4″x 2 1/4″
29 gauge steel R-panels in 12 different colors.

What if my ground is not level?

Normal installations allow for the ground to be 3-4 inches out of level. If ground is more than 4″ out of level, we likely will have to trim the legs to fit the contour of the ground. Garages can typically be assembled if ground is out of level from the highest point to the lowest point 4″-9″ with additional fees. Garages will not be assembled if the ground is more than 9″ out of level from the highest point to the lowest point. Garages will need to be on a level surface to seal up properly.

What can I do if my ground is more than 9" out of level?

You can always dig out or use blocks, timbers or piers to level up the base rail.

Do I need a permit?

You may, depending on your local zoning regulations. It is up to you to determine and obtain any permits. We as the company do not require that your have one. Please inform us if you will be pulling a permit or if inspections are necessary. We will need to price the garage to match your local requirements and in most cases will add an additional cost to the standard price. We also offer some units that are engineered and certified for your area at no additional cost, ask you salesperson for details. SPECIAL NOTE: All buildings in Florida “DO REQUIRE” a permit and must be obtained before construction will start. We can assist you with this process; we have a specially trained staff for Florida buildings YOU WILL NEED TO BE ABLE TO PROVIDE US WITH THE SPECIFICATIONS AS TO WIND ZONE.

What if I want to enclose the whole auto garage?

Superior Outdoor Structures can build partially enclosed or fully enclosed structures. See below for questions that pertain to garages, workshops, barns, combo buildings and such.

What if I want to just get a carport now, and later on have installers come back and put sides on to make a garage? Is that possible?

Yes that is no problem. There would just be an additional return trip fee plus the cost of the options you were having installed at a later date. Keep in mind when doing this you will need to plan for the future when it comes to height of the building to accommodate doors.

How tall does this need to be to cover my motor home or camper?

The number one mistake people make is they get them too tall for RV’s. If you were in the pouring rain with an umbrella in your hand, would you hold the umbrella as high as you could or hold it down close to your head for added protection from the elements?… Even the tallest RV’s on the market today are 12’6″ tall to the top of the A/C .It is up to you to tell us the height that you require but we know that in all cases your travel trailer or 5th wheel will fit under our tallest unit with 12’ legs. All carports have two heights to consider; the leg height and the peak height. We specialize in RV Covers, give us a call and we can help you determine the length of the legs to best suit your needs.

Can it be attached to my home/garage/other structure?

No, we do not attach the units to any existing structures. With that being said, it is possible to be attached, but this is something you will have to do yourself.

Who installs my structure?

Factory trained installation teams deliver the materials and assemble the structure immediately upon arrival in your area.

What width garage is good for 2 cars?

Most people prefer a carport width of at least 20′ wide for 2 cars, although some report that 18′ wide is sufficient. Keep this in mind when ordering that your basic parking lot strips are 9’ feet apart.

Do I need to do any site preparation?

Remove anything out of the way that would impede the progress of the installation. Clearly mark the four corners of the buildings location and level the spot if necessary.

How many braces are included?

All garages come standard with peak braces and a minimum of 4 corner braces. In some states, units come standard with braces on all legs. Some locations will require leg braces on all bows in which case they are standard in these situations.
It is recommended that on all structures 8’ tall and higher that braces be installed on all legs, 9’ and taller requiring 3’ or longer.

What is the difference between 14 and 12 gauge framing?

Both are galvanized steel. However, the wall thickness of the 12 gauge framing is 3 hundredths of an inch thicker and in most cases only required when heavy snow loads are encountered or taller legs are installed in high wind zones.

What is the roof pitch on my garage?

Most box eve styles, the roof pitch is approximately 4:12.
Most regular style, the roof pitch is approximately 3:12.

What is the post spacing?

For 12′ to 24′ wide carports the post are spaced no more than every 5′ apart and in some locations 4’ apart.
For 26′ to 30′ wide carports the post are spaced no more than every 4’ in most cases they are 3’ 6”.

Can I have this installed on a wood floor or deck?

Yes. You will be required to facilitate the mounting of the unit to the substrate by providing fastening materials like bolts and screws in such cases.

Is the Box Eve style or the Regular style stronger?

There is no difference in strength.

How long does it take to assemble?

Garages, Horse Barns, and Industrial Sized Buildings can take up to 2 days but most in 1 – 8 hours depending on size and options.

How tall will my gable end be?

The bottom of the gable end is typically the same height as the legs.

How close can I put this Garage to another structure, building or fence?

There is no hard and fast rule. However, keep in mind that there will have to be enough room for the installers to attach the sheet metal to the sides with their screw guns and set their ladders for taller structures.

How is my Garage anchored to my concrete slab?

Holes are drilled into your concrete slab. Then wedge anchors are inserted through pre-drilled holes in the base rail of your carport into the holes in the concrete and securely fastened for a secure hold.

How is my Garage anchored to asphalt?

32″ long anchors are inserted through pre-drilled holes in the base rail. A small hole is made in your asphalt and the anchor is driven into the ground with a sledgehammer under the asphalt.

How is my Garage anchored to the ground or dirt?

32″ long anchors are inserted through pre-drilled holes in the base rail. The anchors are driven into the ground with a sledgehammer for a secure hold.

How is my workshop anchored to a wood deck or other wood surface?

Lag bolts are inserted through pre-drilled holes in the carport base rails and screwed down into the wood surface for a secure hold.

Do you offer insulation for the garages or workshops?

Yes, we do offer insulation on some of our units on a case-by-case situation. Keep in mind that if we purchase and install the product though it is a very costly addition since this is not a usual option that we provide. In most cases your better off to purchase and install it yourself. We have seen two types of insulation applied to the walls of our garages following installation. We have seen in one application insulation sprayed on the walls and in the other application styrofoam panels glued to the wall following installation. Both applications seemed to work well. Our goal is to provide a low cost, durable structure with a nicer look than most commercial buildings. Since our typical customer is not installing heat and air conditioning, insulation is not usually an issue.

Is perimeter sealing at the foundation of the metal garage, if necessary, my responsibility?

Yes, perimeter sealing at the foundation of the metal garage is the responsibility of the purchaser.

Can I have the garage built now on the ground and then pour concrete inside later?

Yes, that is possible but certainly is not recommended. You turn out with a much better floor finish and appearance if the floor is poured ahead of time.

What leg height should I have on my garage?

Although, there are exceptions, the rule of thumb is, if the garage doors are to be placed in the gable end (width) of the garage the leg height should be 1’ taller than the height of the garage door(s) but not in all cases depending on how close the doors will be to the sidewalls. If the garage door is to be placed in the sidewall (length) of the garage, the leg height of the garage must be 1’ taller than the height of the garage door(s). (i.e. 24′ wide x 40′ long x 8′ leg height with two 9′ wide x 7′ high roll-up doors placed in the 40′ side wall. Result is 1′ longer leg height of garage than the height of the garage door).

What size should I pour the slab?

Pour slab 3/4″ wider in width and the same length is recommended but we leave this up to you and your concrete contractor. As an example for a 24′ x 40′ garage a slab should be a minimum of 24′ 3/4″ x 40′ long.

Should I put anchoring bolts in the slab while I am pouring the slab to make the installation easier? That way they can just put the garage base rails right over my anchor bolts and not have to drill.

Absolutely not! The base rails are pre-drilled during manufacturing and will never line up where you place your bolts. These structures are engineered to have the bolts at specific locations. Therefore, please allow us to drill our own holes in your existing slab where we need them.

Our garage doors are roll-up steel ‘coil’ type doors.

They work great but electric garage door openers do not work with these. In situations where an electric garage door opener is required we recommend that you let us build the garage door with framed in openings that will accommodate the garage door(s) size of your choice. After your garage is completed you or a local garage door contractor can install a sectional raised panel garage door that an electric garage door opener will work with. In Oklahoma Arkansas and Kansas we can assist you in the garage door installation.

What type of roofs do you offer on your Garages type covers?

All of our garages are quoted 3 ways 1.) Standard Style (Rounded over look) 2.) Box Eve Style (A-frame Look) and 3.) Vertical Roof, which is far superior to all, Why is it superior? A vertical style roof is far less prone to leak. The roof does not hold water, leaves, pine straw and other debris. It also has a natural ridge vent and a more pleasing appearance. Consider the vertical style roof as your best choice, even though the standard and box eve styles work well depending on your particular use and budget.

What are the financial terms to purchase?

10% deposit usually paid with a credit card or check is required. Balance due after your carport is installed. Purchase order is acceptable with approval.

Is financing available?

Yes, With approved credit. Call for details.

How do I order?

Give us a call at 1-877-305-4334 and we can place your order over the phone.

What happens after I place an order?

Once we receive your signed invoice, the scheduling department will contact you approximately 2-6 days prior to installation. We will not just show up to install your carport. You will get a call to schedule the installation.

Garages Colors and Styles

Color Chart


Rent to Own Option for Carports
36 to 48 Month Terms
No Credit Check!
For those customers with less than perfect credit. We know bad things happen to good people!

We offer Lease to Own or as some call it “Rent to Own” on any carport product with a minimum price financed of $2,000.00 up to $12,000.00. No Credit Check. All that is required is a small down payment, first months lease payment, and a small deposit.

You can also purchase carports of a higher amount and pay the difference to meet the $12,000.00 maximum limit.

We offer 36 and 48 month terms.
Call for details 918-224-4334 ask for Kay our Lease to Own carport specialist.


Conventional Financing
Quick and easy application W.A.C.
For our customers that prefer a more conventional financing method we offer this option for Carports.

Terms are based of your credit rating. Call to get information or to fill out an application.

You must own the property in your name that the carport will be built on, and have verifiable income to qualify. Give Thomas Johnson or Kay Stroup a call at 918-224-4334 to apply by phone and to inquire about this service.

Service Areas

Areas We Service
Largest Dealer in Oklahoma!
One of the Largest Dealers in the Midwest!
We service the following states for Eagle: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia. Limited area for Colorado, Kansas, Maryland, Missouri, New Jeresy, New Mexico, Ohio, and Pennsylvania,

We service limited parts of the following states for Carolina: Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, West Virginia

We are a dealer for 5 of the largest manufactures in the United States. We also cover other areas please call 918-224-4334 for more information if you do not see your state represented above to see if we can help you.