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Superior Outdoor Structures | Carports | Pole Barns | Sheds and Garages | Portable Buildings | Pole, Building, Construction,
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Superior Outdoor Structures provides many types of "Post-Frame Buildings" also known as Pole Barns and Pole Buildings. These have a variety of different uses, from garages, to horse barns, to riding arenas, to hay barns, and even low cost upscale homes. At Superior Outdoor Structures it is our profession to provide you with a full service experience from design to construction. We take the headaches out of the building experience; we are with you every step of the way.Each pole barn or horse barn is designed to meet your specific needs and desires.

We use only the top quality construction materials and professional building crews to insure that you will get a building that you can be proud of for years to come. Every Customer is important to us and Superior Outdoor Structures strives to provide the best pole barn building solutions along with an excellent customer experience.

Give us a call to discuss your next building project and get a free no hassle quote today. Please look through the FAQ section below to familiarize yourself with many of the often-asked questions about Post Frame Construction. If you still have questions please feel free to ask. We have found that a well-educated customer is a happy customer.

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Superior Outdoor Structures and Bradford Buildings is a Pround Member of the:

NFBA / National Frame Builders Association

And Winners of Multiple Building Of The Year Awards!

National Frame Builder Assc. Logo NFBA

Why Post Frame Construction is Better:

Post frame construction is easier, stronger, and cheaper. What more could you ask for? Here are some facts to help you convince naysayers that pole barns and other pole buildings are constructed using the best method of construction hands down.


Foundation costs usually exceeds 15% of the total cost of construction for typical single story construction. Pole buildings use posts as the framing member. The strength of posts buried 3 to 4 feet deep provides excellent lateral and vertical bearing strength.

Rather than pouring huge amounts of concrete accompanied by a large excavation project, the foundation for pole buildings are simply the holes that are drilled using a power auger.


For areas that are not flat, a conventional foundation would require earth moving and grading to level the site. Pole buildings require less site preparation than other forms of construction.

Rather than waste a prime location for your new building because of excavation issues, instead build a pole building in a less desirable area since site contours are in some cases acceptable for certain pole barn uses.


Pole barns can be fully framed to look just like conventional construction or be an open air barn with minimal finishing costs. Walls are non load bearing using pole construction methods. The poles support the weight of the building. Non load bearing walls also lower framing costs too.


Post frame buildings have fewer thermal breaks than conventional construction. Posts on 8' or greater centers can be insulated better than a stick frame building with studs 16" or 24" on center.


A properly designed and constructed pole building can handle weather that would destroy conventional structures. A post embedded in the earth transmits lateral forces (wind loading) on the walls directly into the ground.

Structures supported by poles do not tend to collapse during a fire like conventional wood framing on foundations do.


Post frame construction is ideal for dozens of building types including:

  • Barns
  • Garages
  • Homes
  • Utility buildings
  • Office buildings
  • Vacation Homes
  • Cabins
  • Open face building
  • Horse stalls
  • Retail Stores
  • Aircraft Hangars

Always check into zoning and get a building permit prior to planning your construction project.

Why Poles are So Strong

Did you know that a pole has twice the bending strength of a dimensioned piece of wood the same size?

Shipbuilders used poles as masts for sailing ships. They removed very little wood other than bark to maintain mask bending strength.

As a tree grows, it pre-stresses its fibers. Wood on the outside of a tree trunk can achieve 2000 psi of tension. The inner wood is actually in compression. The outer tension of the exterior wood is what allows a tree to bend substantially before it actually goes into compression.

Modern concrete structures use this same technique to strengthen them against breaking under tension.


A standard pole barn/ post frame building usually includes but not limited to the following:

  • 5″ x 5″ Pressure Treated posts for framing, a 6” x 6” post on taller buildings
  • 2″ x 6″ Wall girts on 24” centers
  • 2” x 6” Pressure Treated Grade Board
  • 2” x 10” Truss Carrier/Header, larger on buildings with larger truss spans
  • Trusses made with 2” x 6” on 4’ or 5′ centers with a 4/12 pitch or 3/12 pitch your choice (depending on size of building)
  • 2” x 4” Purlins on 24” centers
  • 1 - 3′ Steel entrance door
  • 6” Overhang
  • Ridge cap with Outside Closure Quadra Lock Plus
  • Metal roof and sides 29 guage or better (other products can be used like wood, masonite, brick, stucco)
  • Rat Guard
  • Soffit Trim
  • 4″ Concrete floor with rebar  (concrete is optional)
                                                                                                                                         OTHER OPTIONS: 
  • · Insulation R-6 Double Bubble or R-10 Eclipse Fiberglass and Spray Foam
  • · Wainscoting

  • · Single-hung vinyl windows with Low-E glass, with or without grid on glass
  • · Upgraded windows or doors
  • · Larger over hang roofs
  • · Overhead garage doors: any size available, with or without insulation
  • · Garage door Openers
  • · Slider doors
  • · Steeper roof pitch
  • · Cupolas
  • · Porches
  • · Patios
  • · Stenciled/Stamped or stained concrete
  • · Sidewalks
  • · Driveways
  • · Retaining walls
  • .    Inside and Outside closures for insects and pests
  • .    Turn key homes or offices





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